1. It removes the extra caffeine and theophylline for enjoying a cup of roasted tea without irritating stomach

2. It lowers the cholesterol content in blood effectivelly.

3. The polyphenols help to cancel out the cell-damaging effects of free radicals in the cell.

4. It keeps the vitamin C content in the blood to anti-aging.

1. The degree of Catechin is lower then the other kinds of teas, and the result leads to non-irritatinge the stomach.

2. After processing the fermentation, the catechin becomes to theaflavins and thearubigins. Theaflavins has the antioxidant capacity. 

3. Oolong Black Tea is made by completing fermentation. Even if you drink too much, you will not feel bad.

4. It can promote the enzyme activities in the body and metabolism as well.

1. Tannic acid can lower the cholesterol content in the blood effectively.

2. Catechin can be antioxidant, prevent cancer, and lower blood sugar we well.

3. It can improve the activity of lipolytic enzymes, and then reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fat foods, and improve metabolism.

4. It helps to reduce blood fat concentration, increase blood flow, and reduce the possibility of thrombosis.

5. It not only contains vitamin C, but also maintains vitamin C content in the blood, and anti-aging.

6. Polyphenols help to eliminate over-reactive oxygen molecule in cells, and have the benefits of beauty, detoxification, and inhibiting tartar as well.

1. It contains many phenolic compounds "gallic acid" which is good for cardiovascular protection and can fight with bad bacteria.

2. It is rich in amino acids to improve immunity.

3. It contains high level minerals of calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, and double than the original tea.

4. Comparing to general oolong tea, the aged tea contains more anti-oxidation polyphenols.

5. The tannin content is low which does not affect the absorption of protein and iron in food.

6. Caffeine and catechins are low in content and which do not cause the burden of the body.

1. The aroma of the tea is very strong which infusing with the aroma of flowers. Each sip brings you a very nice mood.

2. The aroma of the flowers can eliminate the bad smell in the mouth such as Osmanthus.

3. The aroma of flowers slids into the mouth with the tea, and it gives appetite effectively such as Osmanthus and Logan flower.

4. As the saying goes "seeing flowers to avoid melancholy, and smelling flowers to avoid depression. While drinkg the tea, you can feel the aroma of the flowers, and it helps to relieve stress and relax effectively such as Jasmine.

5. The summer is so hot, the aroma of Agrimony smells like Taiwanese herb green tea which makes you feel cool and antipyretic.