1. Pay by postal transfer deposit account

2. Pay by Web ATM

3. Pay by chip debit card

4. Pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard)

5. Pay at convenient store of purchased product pick-up

Delivery Time:  Purchased products shall be delivered to customers within 5 working days after the order is completed, except for arrangements made for specified delivery dates

Shipment method: Collection through home delivery or convenient store pick-up

If there is any delivered product defect due to product defect or delivery process mishandling, product is redeemable within 7 days after product delivery.

Invoices shall be enclosed with shipment, and if GUI number needs to be documented on the invoice, please notify us when ordering.

According to Consumer Protection Law, all consumers are entitled to 7-day period of free examination provision; however, except for products specifically labelled and packaged, software or audio-visual disc, which cannot be un-packaged, and if they are, they are not entitled to be exchanged or returned.

Regarding the return and exchange of consumer-purchased products, we guarantee 7-day period of free examination provision for exchange and return, starting from the reception of delivered purchased goods. If the said period of free examination provision lapses, it is deemed that customers are satisfied with the products without complaints, and therefore neither exchange nor return would be offered, so please kindly pay attention towards the following conditions:

 ◎ Our company offers guaranteed 7-day delivery arrival at your doorstep, and 7-day free examination provision.

 ◎ If the delivered products is damaged, scratched, or having its packaging broken, upon delivery arrival at receiving address, please notify our customer service as soon as possible, as we will proceed with product defect or damage assessment, and dispatch new products to you as soon as possible.

◎ All customers, who intend to proceed with return or exchange, need to email or call our company, as well as providing order number, reasons for return or exchange, your name, contact number and email address.

◎ If you order the product and you want to return it, you can return product in the original state as first delivered. It includes the main product in the original packaging; otherwise, our company refuse to accept the returning product.