Black Tea House - Black tea made from oolong

A tea-drink designed for urban life-style, giving a much-needed boost in the morning, a viable option other than coffee! This is new-style Taiwanese black tea, with oolong Tea as base, made with black tea process, something you have never tasted.

Traditional Oolong House - An idea to enjoy your Taiwan tea

This is a special tea brand for avid readers who place high premium on tea selection for their favorite past-time, as the grandeur in their perusing taste complimented by the elegance of this Taiwanese tea.

Afternoon Tea House - The floral and fruit aroma of European Afternoon Tea

The renowned Taiwanese high-altitude oolong tea become a unique European beverage by its meticulous combination of strong tea and fruit aroma. It is our popular export selection for European and American merchants.

Flower Oolong House - Made from selected local fresh flowers

We are a specialist store for Taiwanese floral oolong tea, as we blend the Taiwanese flowers and oolong tea leave for fermentation, without any fragrance additives, while maintaining the original floral aroma, as well as crafting a delicate blend of oolong tea and floral aroma.

Asia Fruit Flavored Tea House - You can find your loved fruit in oolong

The tea is tailor-made for mid-income professionals, with Taiwan-unique high-altitude hand-harvested oolong tea as base add floral and fruit aroma for scintillating your taste buds while you enjoy this exquisite tea and its smell.

Wood-Roasted Tea House - Expert of wood-roasted oolong tea

The tea flavor, as roasted with longan wood, manifests itself in its enriched layers and intensity, made with master-craft tradition.

Ginger Lily Oolong Tea

Ginger Lily Oolong Tea

This tea, based on Nantou oolong, is blended with fresh ginger Lily for fermentation, as the inherent floral aroma of ginger Lily flower mixed with the slight spiciness of the common-ingredient ginger, moderated during the time-consuming making process which brings together the delicate floral scent and oolong aroma with a magical touch.

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Alishan Qingxin Oolong Tea

Alishan Qingxin Oolong Tea

Selected only from the best of Alishan Qingxin oolong tea harvest, and with our mild-roasting technique helps to accentuate its uniquely fresh aroma and pristinely sweet flavor that lingers even beyond any perfect interpretation of the original flavor of Taiwanese tea

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Pineapple Oolong

Pineapple-flavor Oolong Tea

The sweet and sour taste of pineapple compliments the aroma of oolong tea perfectly, while the natural pineapple aroma fuses with the tea, which makes it easy-drinking.

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